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FARA Foundation

Popesti-Leordeni, Ilfov

Emergency assistance through the provision of basic food and non-food items (hygiene kits, PPE, warm clothing, first aid kits, medical supplies), safe and family-friendly accommodation, food, clothing, hygiene and cleaning products, access to medical and legal services, translations, humanitarian financial support for travel, internal and external transport, humanitarian aid through convoys to Ukraine. The project team facilitated access to official information, emotional support, educational and recreational activities for children and families as well as Romanian language courses and mentoring to support integration


Provided by: FARA Foundation

Intervention domains: Food, Hygiene, Financial support, Health, Shelter, Education

Beneficiary type: Adults, Youth, Children and adults, Persons with disabilities

Finished project

Society for Children and Parents

Timisoara, Timis

After-school activities, Non-formal educational activities; Professional and vocational counselling, Personal development activities, Parenting education, PAP (Psychological First Aid) counselling, Bereavement counselling, Mental health support, Personal material support, Psycho-socio-educational counselling, Socialization activities, Reading club, Creativity club, Logic club, Personal moral and spiritual education.

Assistance and Support for refugee children and parents from Ukraine

Provided by: Society for Children and Parents

Intervention domains: Education, Food, Financial support

Beneficiary type: Children and adults, Youth

Ongoing project

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